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one of the distinctive features of Vanda Scaravelli’s teaching was her advice to liberate the breath during posture practice.

‘Breathe naturally, without forcing. No pressure, no disturbance. Nothing should interfere with the simple, tide-like movement of our lungs as we breathe in and out.’ Vanda Scaravelli

saying goodbye to the default use of ujjāyī throat breath can be liberating. it brings new qualities to the postures: an increased delicacy, a sense that free from the discipline of imposed rhythm the postures are fresh each time, and an enhanced understanding of the body in relation to earth and space.

the experience of the practice can change too. rather than imposing something on the body, the possibility arises of discovering your own rhythm of breath. this requires meticulous attention which itself serves to deepen the experience of yoga.

‘find the key to your own rhythm
which is primal
it is there but it has been suffocated
by so much doing
and knowing.’
sandra sabatini