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evening footwork

settle on your mat with bare feet – cross legged with as much support as you need

starting with the right foot, run your left hand over it, bringing the flat of your hand to meet the sole of your foot – centre of palm to centre of sole

move your fingers over the neat round ball of your heel

let your thumbs slide down the length of the foot to the toes. gently rub each toe, exploring the spaces between them delicately

invite the sole of your foot to face you for a moment, so it can gaze up into the quiet light – look into it – your precious foot

repeat with the left foot

lie down on your back and send both feet upwards so they are closer to the sky now – all their steady wisdom lofted above you

rest back – bare feet floating in space

see if the soles of the feet can breathe now, opening the channel that runs from the centre of the feet, down your legs, into your pelvis and the earth

see the out breath running down to the ground
when the time comes – let the tide of in breath rise up all the way to your feet