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i am delighted to tell you that the yoga studio is re-opening for one-to-one lessons.

yogaunion connects us more positively to ourselves and the world around us and invites healing and growth. this feels to me like a particularly important and life enhancing gift for us all at the moment.

the emphasis of the sessions will be on practising in a gentle, connected and sensitive way. rather like a yoga class for one. i hope the sessions will inspire and inform your own practice as well as being a support and comfort in themselves.

we could focus on postures, breath or meditation – whatever you think might help you.

lessons will be by appointment and adhere to physical distancing guidelines; they will be at the studio, in the garden, or via zoom if preferred.
i’ll ask you to bring your own mat and anything else you need for a comfortable practice.

if you would like more information please email

‘if deeper healing is to happen,
deeper surrender is necessary.’
Marion Woodman