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this evening

come quietly to your mat – look around you at the little bit of world you can see from here – sky, road, field, room

take a seat – rub your tired feet

and then – why not lie down?

feel the ground at your back as you fold your legs over your body for a while, hands to your knees and your spine curled – rock and shift, perhaps creaking a little, like a small wooden boat on a calm sea

at some point, let your legs rise loosely up above you, sending your arms to the fresh air in the space behind your head

with your feet wide open, find a passage from the heel to the back of the knee to the pelvis and into the earth – breathe

let your head become quiet

roll back into your small boat when you feel like it

as you do all this, you might like to…

listen for the late birds calling through the window
watch the light playing with the evening shadows in your room
or listen to the rain against the window pane


losing your self-importance

know you are free