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taking plenty of time in each shape…

stand and settle with your feet parallel and wide apart.

invite your hips and legs to feel their fluidity and strength.

bring your hands and forearms together, left to right, from fingertips to elbows – like a giant prayer position – the sides of your thumbs resting on your forehead. close your eyes perhaps.

can you feel your whole watery body breathing?

breathing out – let your arms open, exploring their own length – shoulders floating in your fluid back, as your body begins to understand its whole width –

like a starfish.

how does your new open shape effect your breath?

after a while, fold into a spread leg forward bend – hands connecting with your feet somehow. feel your way in, easing – like a starfish finding its footing.

let go of your out breath and then, when it comes, let the in breath flood in.

stay or repeat the sequence for as long as it’s helpful.