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a few weeks ago i posted a ‘sitting’ practice.

here is some more material to explore in the same posture. you might like to refer back to that post first.

sit with your legs out in front, hands resting on your knees.

watch each outgoing breath wave wash down silently, delicately, thoroughly, through the beach of your body, into the earth. the next wave rises quiet, relentless, moving as far and as thoroughly into your body as it wants to… watch the breath tide for a while, as passively as if you were watching the waves on the beach – you can do nothing.

let your hands move down your shins as before – watch the waves again – feel the out breath eddy around the backs of your knees, and then wait for the high shore of the chest to call for the next wave.

now, using whichever version of a seated twist you prefer, twist to the left and watch the tidal flow again – stay for as long as you want to – easing the body, watching the tide.

come back to the centre – hands soft on the knees – how does your left side feel? go forward again towards the ankles – be with the breath tide at every step.

repeat to the right. return to the centre and sit again as before.

lie on your back. rest. keep the breath simple.