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let your legs stream away to your heels in front of you and open the soles of the feet to the air; each toe reaching for its own place in space.

let your sitting bones find the earth deeply. you can use a cushion if it helps.

rest your hands on the open slopes of the knees for a while, feeling the warmth meet and mingle.

relax your shoulders. invite your sitting bones to sink again.

slide your hands down your long shins towards your ankles and let the warmth of your hands seep in to their intricate structure. now the sitting bones have tilted – let them sink again.

upright again, place your hands on the floor beside you, fingers facing forwards. let the palms open, inviting the fingers to find their own space on the earth.

watch your breath. breathe in to your soft waist and out from your sitting bones
and watch your body relax and grow with this.

after a while, move your hands further back – fingers pointing away from you – lean back – luxuriate in the open front of your body.

you can repeat all of this when you are ready.

‘as the sun delicately opens the flowers, unfolding them little by little, so with slow and careful training, yoga exercises will open the body.’ Vanda Scaravelli