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here is a beautiful practice to cleanse and awaken…

kapalabhati is a clarifying breathing practice, ideal for first thing in the morning.

it is suitable for most people, particularly if you take it slowly, but is best avoided if you have had recent surgery or heart problems. some people with abdominal or menstrual problems also find kapalabhati unhelpful.

sit comfortably.

be with your breath for a while.

when you are ready, take a deeper inhalation without any strain, then exhale through your nostrils by contracting your lower abdomen emphatically. you will hear the sound of the breath leaving you.

the inhalation follows completely silently and your abdomen domes again.

repeat this several times. eventually you’ll find a rhythm. if you aren’t familiar with the practice take it slowly.

check the abdomen is contracting with the short, sharp, noisy exhale and doming silently and automatically again on the inhale – all of this happens without you having to do anything.

after a while, relax the technique and move into the spacious, fresh feeling which your breath has made for you.

when you are ready take another round of kapalabhati.

if you are familiar with the practice you can make the breaths more rapid. but there’s no great rush – take your time to perfect the technique.

‘kapalabhati takes away uncertainty – doubts
especially first thing in the morning
with the whole day in front of you
and wondering how to cope
kapalabhati can ‘write the schedule’ for you
in a neat, clear way.’ sandra sabatini