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forearm dog pose

this post is for those of you who are feeling ready for something more challenging.

forearm dog pose works the shoulders and legs and demands more of the breath. as it’s a more challenging posture, approach it sensitively and it may not be right for you at all. just trust your own judgement.

begin with your normal loosening and focussing practice, choosing whichever postures feel right and including some cat and downward dog.

from the cat – place your forearms on the floor – you can position your hands quite close together at first – your elbows splayed out a little.

as you exhale, come up into a downward dog shape but with your forearms resting on the mat.

see how it feels –

notice the different sensations – keep fluid – easing your body in (especially if you haven’t tried this posture for a while)

allow the breath to ease you away from the posture on the inhale and drop towards the posture on the exhale.

take rest in kneeling forward bend/child pose when you need it. explore this for a few minutes.

afterwards – rest on your back – draw your knees over your chest and keeping the body fluid and responsive, observe your breath.

complete your practice choosing any postures that you like.

i hope you enjoy exploring something a bit different. you can continue to experiment – moving the position of your hands/arms and perhaps raising one leg if you’re feeling fancy!