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mat matters

how is your home practice?

‘finding a place for observing what is happening, verifying day after day the silent presence of the ground and its unceasing sustenance and support, we encounter a sense of trust and trust brings the assurance of being able to do what is needed.’ monica smith.

some practitioners advocate that the two optimal times for yoga practice are 45 minutes either side of sunrise or sunset (and there is certainly something charged about practising during the dusk chorus at the moment). but i don’t think it matters when you choose, as long as you choose!

for inspiration in practice try ‘Bringing Yoga to Life’ by Donna Farhi and ‘Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer – Yoga through the seasons.’ Sandra Sabatini

and finally…

I have some yoga mats to give away.

there’s no charge, first come-first served –

I have…

2 very fancy, practically new, top of the range BLACK mats.
1 bright ORANGE mat that has never been unrolled.
1 not so new but still lovely, ROYAL BLUE mat, washable in a normal washing machine.


1 large meditation cushion with a removable red cover
and several foam yoga blocks

just let me know …