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autumn review

in my yoga training, i was taught to respect autumn as a time of review and transformation.

as the oak, beech and field maple leaves turn to a glorious coppery gold, i wonder if the heightened sense of possibility we have in autumn, begins with letting go in preparation for the silence and deep rest of winter.

‘New Year –
feeling broody
from late autumn’

so perhaps now is a good time to review our yoga practice. most of us, opt for a loose approach to practice, adjusting as we go, and there’s certainly no need to make changes for the sake of it, but we could ask ourselves if our practice is fit for purpose.

we could think about removing any postures that feel stale; adding one or two different ones; checking that the time of day we practice still suits; or perhaps adding or extending a seated breathing practice.

if you aren’t practising at the moment, now is a good time to start.

a practice can help carry us through the winter months.

here’s a beautiful painting by Gustav Klimt of an autumn birch wood to inspire you.