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warrior 2

a few ideas to explore in warrior 2.

step your feet into position and turn your head to face the long mat edge.
give your feet plenty of time, several breaths, until they feel at home on the mat.

allow your arms to drift up to shoulder height. give your hands time to enjoy their suspension, like wing tips – feathered fingers catching the breeze.

exhaling bend the knee and your body drops – slow, upright, directed.
turn your head now to look along the arm – poised.

now you are here, your breathing offers a fluid link between the earth under your settled feet and the space around your open body – it’s interesting to explore this.

‘A deep sense of participation unfolds in the whole being; a desire to blend and receive the qualities of the earth and space. From the waist down, gravity is actively pulling and supporting. From the waist up, space offers all its virtues.’ Sandra Sabatini