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“If we think about the vast majority of human problems; both on a personal and on a worldwide scale, it seems that they stem from an inability to feel sincerely involved with others, and to put ourselves in their place. Violence is inconceivable if everyone is genuinely concerned with the happiness of others.”
Matthieu Ricard

with the world as it is, i have been thinking about the guidelines that yoga offers, for how to conduct ourselves well in communication with others. i began with the five attitudes suggested by Patanjali to simplify and improve our relationships, the most important of which is non-violence.

how can we practise non-violence to help ourselves and others?

here are some simple ideas.

if you inadvertently harm yourself or others – bathe the injury in love.

if it is in your power, seek to heal any hurt that already exists.

build bridges. be kind. include.

be gentle. move slowly. act respectfully. offer care.

“Himsa (violence, the opposite of ahimsa) begins with negative judgements about people. These often surface before any real contact or communication has taken place. Noticing the assumptions and judgements we make about people can be the starting point in developing a more open and accepting attitude to the world.” (Embodying the Yoga Sutra – Roy and Charlton).