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if you are looking for some support to begin or refresh your meditation practice, may i suggest A Monk’s Guide to Happiness – Meditation in the 21st Century by Gelong Thubten? it is one of the best guides to meditation i have read.

it is a practical book, well written and clear. the author understands the difficulties of establishing a meditation practice and offers helpful suggestions for integrating meditation into daily life, both as a seated practice and in small moments of mindfulness throughout the day.

he simplifies it all – no smoke and mirrors here – and yet manages, to convey some of the magic of the practice.

he offers meditations for beginners and develops these to include more specific projects with chapters on compassion and forgiveness.

i enjoyed reading it very much, and continue to find it helpful.

“Meditation helps us to access what feels like a deep well within, filled with nourishing water that we can drink whenever we want.” Gelong Thubten