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when you breathe out

standing – breathe softly a while – your breath will become slower

now – everything is ready – gravity and breath have made all the preparations

your out breath can lower your soft body back into itself again

your shoulders lead the way – sliding down your back like rain on a windowpane

can you feel your pelvis bathing in it?

breath pools and spreads at your feet

you are washed through

there is a peculiar silence when it rains, and that morning in the valley all the noises seemed to have stopped – the noises of the farm, the tractor, and the chopping of wood. there was only the dripping from the roof, and the gutters were gurgling. it was quite extraordinary to feel the rain on one, to get wet to the skin, and to feel the earth and the trees receive the rain with great delight; for it hadn’t rained for some time, and now the little cracks in the earth were closing up. the noises of the many birds were made still be the rain; the clouds were coming in from the east, dark, heavily laden, and were being drawn towards the west; the hills were being carried by them, and the smell of the earth was spreading into every corner. all day it rained. J Krishnamurti