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idling along

i recently heard that Bath Tourist Board are trying to encourage people to stay longer in the city. visitors rush in to see the Roman Baths, perhaps stop off at the Spa, stand outside the abbey for a photo, and then off they go.

with no time to acquire a sense of the place, no time to absorb its subtleties, to sit in a park or idle along the river – how much of Bath have they missed?

with so many interesting postures to choose from, it’s easy to fill time on the yoga mat, like a tourist with a ‘to do’ list, cramming all your favourites into every practice. this is not yoga.

try spending longer, much longer, with fewer postures. be more generous with them. shower them with breath as your body idles along. find the back streets and the quiet gems of the practice.

take your time – you have plenty

find the expanse of the breath in one posture – slowly – move on the exhale – wait – the in breath will reach you from far away – space opening like wide parkland.

wander along through the practice – stopping off when you feel like it… look at the view…

“Salute thyself: see what thy soul doth wear…
And tumble up and down what thou finds there.” George Herbert