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mark boyle has written an interesting book “The Way Home:Tales From A Life Without Technology.”

he changed his life by disconnecting from technology; not just his computer, mobile and car, but electricity, running water – everything.

his original motivation was “the big picture reason”, climate change.

but he says, “I found my reasons slowly changed. Now they’ve less to do with saving the world, and much more to do with savouring the world. The world needs savouring.”

what a lovely sentence that is!

in yoga, we have a tool by which to disconnect from our everyday world, so that we can make better re-connections with ourself, with others and with the world around us.

by freshening our attention on the mat, we undermine the automatic elements of practice.

as you practise, take care to stay disconnected from the business of your thoughts – living instead, in the natural arising of your breath.

then yoga can emerge authentically; as we savour our practice and our world.

“but better die than live a life that is a repetition of repetitions.” d h lawrence