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“you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” mary oliver

in this approach to yoga, stretching and holding are an anathema. instead we play with an intuitive dance of loosening and grounding.

this idea is not fashionable in today’s physical culture, where a hard, toned body seems to be the holy grail. but the suggestion to ground and soften is inherent in our core yoga teachings.

II 46 “physical postures should be steady and comfortable.” shearer

you can invite comfort into your practice by choosing postures that you instinctively know would be helpful for you; by easing with small movements to free tensing muscles; by releasing hands and feet, freeing and loosening pelvis, shoulders and limbs; by going only as far into a movement as feels helpful… by relaxing.

a soft body is alive to the breath. alive to life.

“it is very beautiful to follow what the body loves. the body loves gentleness.” sandra sabatini