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in his recent article for the British Wheel of Yoga (Spectrum. Winter 2018), Bill Wood eloquently discusses some of his ideas on yoga practice.

the article advocates “becoming less interested in the external appearance of the practice” and instead, tuning in carefully to the body, to see how it can be encouraged towards freedom and vitality.

in my own practice and teaching i have seen some of the benefits of being less proactive with postures. these include improved balance and physical ease, the ability to move more deeply into the posture and a clearer mind.

Bill suggests slowing everything down to allow yourself time to be interested in what your body has to say and then, responding to it. this also allows the breath to flow more naturally. there is no pushing, stretching, holding – instead we “back off”. it feels delicate and intuitive.

“Our job is to set it all up and then watch as the movements of our breathing and the pull of gravity, gradually entice the body to release more deeply.” Bill Wood

having spent some time sitting beside a waterfall yesterday, this makes perfect sense to me.