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posture of the month

– lie on your back, taking plenty of time to settle into your body and especially into the beautiful structure of your spine – breathe out and let your body drop into the floor

– bend your knees, feet on the floor – take your time to feel the soles of your feet waking up, they are opening their eyes wide and looking down into their foundations

– breathe down into the earth, letting your feet drop and drop – let go deeply into your feet and shoulders, they are finding their deep foundations

– eventually one exhalation will lift your hips off the floor and you rise into a different shape – an arch

– over several rounds of breath, the exhale lifts and lifts the hips (any time you feel you have had enough you can come down of course) – the arches you are rising into fly up because of the depth of your foundations

– enjoy the feeling as your chest widens and your body bridge feels uplifted, strong and free

– when you come down, stretch your legs along the mat again and enjoy the rest – deep rest