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behind closed eyes

śaṇmukhī mudrā is a traditional practice – a hand gesture where the fingers are placed on the face to symbolise the closing of the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. it helps to calm the senses and to lead the practitioner into meditation. placing the palms over the eyes is often used in its place today.

here is a further modern reimagining of śaṇmukhī mudrā

become quiet… then quieter still

let yourself become grounded – take your time

let your eyelids close over your eyes deliberately – like the slow smooth lowering of a blind

adjust patiently to the new levels of light

look at the landscape which appears – your field of vision stretches further

listen to the deep silence within you illuminated by small sounds

stay in the silence

Desikachar described śaṇmukhī mudrā as “a means to ‘listen’ to the space within the heart.”