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this week a friend taught me a chant which i hadn’t heard before and i was deeply touched by it. it reminded me of learning to chant with Paul Harvey over many years:- his teaching interwoven with sound work. i remember and practise the precious chants and sound techniques he taught me with deep gratitude.

on one level, sound can allow us to deepen our connection with the body’s resonance. this week, for example, we have used sound in some of the groups, to support the connection with the chest as we focused on the pause after the inhalation.

but it runs deeper than that.

the sound we produce and absorb is one way of connecting us profoundly, not only to ourselves, but also to others and the natural world. it reveals a more nebulous quality to the posture – form becomes less dominant and we can experience āsana differently. and after chanting – silence is richer. more empty. more still.

“to share chanting is to share an experience of silence through listening, a process of healing, and a link with nature, the deeper self and the divine.” – TKV Desikachar

a suggestion –

stand in samasthiti – or sit cross legged – settle with your breath

place your hands on your head – chant a long ah sound – several times
place your hands on your heart – chant a long ooo sound – several times
place your hands on your abdomen – chant a long mmmmm sound – several times

rest in the silence

photograph – the japanese garden – st. mawgan village – cornwall