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some of you have asked for me to recommend some good yoga books. here is a selection…

Yoga For You – Tara Fraser
A comprehensive introduction to yoga, its origins and practices, ideal for beginners or students looking for a good, authentic basic resource.

The Heart of Yoga – T K V Desikachar
Essential reading for the serious yoga student. Desikachar’s tradition defining book about personal practice includes a complete translation of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.

Awakening the Spine – Vanda Scaravelli
A beautiful book, recently revised. Expect to be surprised and challenged – an insight into Vanda Scaravelli’s unique perspective on yoga.

Bringing Yoga to Life – Donna Farhi
Brings authentic yoga practice into everyday life. My copy is very well thumbed!

And a wildcard…

Offering pause for thought and inspiration for meditation, the “Moments of Mindfulness” series by Danielle and Olivier Föllmi have beautiful photographs and quotations from influential teachers and texts from different Eastern traditions. Most relevant to yoga is “Indian Wisdom”.

happy reading…