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cold comfort

a mountain grove, leafless –
cloudless skies, windstill –
dawn colours pinch the frost; chill moonlight overflows.
all Heaven and Earth should bear the name-board
‘Palace of Broad Cold’.

Kokan Shiren

warm inside – stand with big feet.

imagine your great footprints – the plump pads of your feet and your toes spreading.

let your arms lift up. keeping your spine in your pelvis, move your body freely, liberate your sides, your shoulders, your arms, your head.

then move forwards resting your spine into its full long wavelike line – find acres of space between your vertebrae, feet widening.

as you lift your body up again, you can explore its entire length again – moving, loosening, lengthening – again and again

then wrapped in a blanket perhaps, sit comfortably for a while – listen to your breath and feel the warmth of your exhalation. place your hands over your ears to hear your breath tide filling, emptying. move your hands to your eyes and know your own darkness. look deeply into yourself now. move your hands to your heart and feel the rhythm of your deepest tide moving.