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“the challenge for humankind, in the twenty-first century, is to find humility and re-connect with nature.” satish kumar

we are nature, just as the sea, rivers and forests are nature. interwoven into the matrix of life with our beating heart, moving limbs, deep breath and creative instincts, a soft and responsive presence in our yoga practice reminds us of this connection, rejuvenates our vitality and settles our troubled minds. observing the changing seasons can bring us into even deeper relationship with our world, offering an opportunity to explore different elements of yoga.

this year i will be running four workshops at the studio, looking at aspects of the teaching of Vanda Scaravelli, within the context of the seasons. in a departure from the usual format, the workshops will be largely practice based. learning from the body’s responses and experiencing the deep stillness that comes from connected yoga.

do let me know if you would like to come along.

14 april – the spring loosening
14 july – the summer flowering
27 october – the autumn grounding
8 december – the winter enchantment

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“yoga attuned to the seasons offers a way to heed the body, not to force it, but to lovingly attend to its intimate nature.” monica smith