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a brave softening

here is a half term project for the faithful ujjāyī breathers amongst you.

dare to let it go from your āsana practice.

always “plugging in your ujjāyī ventilator” Peter Hersnack, creates structure and control in the practice but can dampen presence and freedom.

bravely soften the breath. keeping it deep and long.

you may find…

less control – more soft caress
less control – more delicate presence
less control – more creative enquiry
less control – more expansive blooming
less control – more daring

āsana opens up space so the body can be a alive and express what is within us. placing soft breath at the heart of the movement adds the balm of presence… bon courage mes amis – breathe deeply, breathe softly and see what you find.

atha yogānuśānnam – now, with grace, we embrace the study of yoga YS 1.1

….be soft, let the armour drop, and relax down to the gentle, tender self that exists beneath it. Wolfe Lowenthal