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“nothing reopens the springs of love so fully as absence” (Anthony Trollope) and i certainly could not be happier to be reopening the studio on Monday 8th January.

this term we will be exploring yoga with a certain meticulous freedom which reflects my developing ideas and the deep exploration I have been making both through my own practice and with other teachers, inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. journal posts will reflect these themes too, so that even if you aren’t a group class or workshop student, you will be able to use the ideas in your practice.

my intention is that over the next year class sizes will reduce a little to allow for each of you to enjoy more personal space in the studio as well as allowing me to offer more careful attention to each of you individually. i’ll wait for this to happen organically. some classes are already smaller.

and finally, on a practical note, those of you attending classes will notice that the driveway and car park area has been resurfaced. this allows for more parking but please note that there is now a low wall to the left as you approach the studio, so you won’t be able to drive on the lawn!

“Yoga is a technology for arriving in this present moment.” Donna Farhi