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a december practice

stand – feel your feet as if they are sinking into the first snowfall – deeply

bring your hands to your heart – let a deeper thawing breath softly open your chest, shoulders and neck – allow the current of your energy to run up and down the spine – lighting up like fairy lights

release your hands upwards – rolling space into your spine – then fold forward slowly – the base of the skull lengthens away from the tail – stay mobile here

rise upright – bring your hands behind you, folded between the shoulder blades or loosely interlocked – exhale forward – feel your heart space opening wide as your spine rolls out – illuminated

kneeling – fold forward – bringing your head to the floor – arms light – thoroughly release into the ground – then, let cat ripples move up and down your spine – lifting up when you are ready

interlace your fingers close to your tailbone – arms long – then fold down again – your head to the floor – arms lifting high up behind you – feel your heart space opening widely, deeply, slowly

now resting on your back – body spreads comfortably and freely – allow your breath to become deeper – with waves of warm light flowing in and out of your body – allow the ground to absorb anything you release – be present

take as much time as you like, with each part of this practice.