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conscious breathing reconnects us simply and directly to the present moment. 


there is nothing to be ‘done’. this is the art of allowing and of letting go. the ancient texts of yoga all agree that focussing attention on the breath will help us feel clearer, calmer and lighter as we watch the dance of breath and body – inner space and outer space. 



settle yourself comfortably, so that your spine feels spacious
wait – be present
watch the dance of the in breath towards you
be present
notice the play of the breath in the body
watch the out breath travel back to outer space 
be present – there are no instructions
watch – listen – feel the dance of the breath

after a while – move your spine and body freely


“As Prāṇāyāma dissolves the covering of the light, fitness of the mind for concentration arises.” Patañjali yoga sūtra II 52-53 Paul Harvey