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during my years of study with Paul, he often suggested a new practice at this time of year, wisely waiting until the season itself suggested change. now, more than ever, I know the value of feeling the seasons through yoga.


the Russians call this time of year ‘velvety’. in the morning the lawn is white with dew and the grass grows lush before the frost stunts its growth. there is a bloom of soft light and a plush velvet softness to the fruit. not quite autumn, but summer is blooming into something else. we are moving on.


allow this rich, softness into your practice, hovering on the pause after the inhale – body saturated with breath – full, curvaceous, abundant. follow the spine – the nap of movement flowing one way and then the other – like velvet.

“Yoga attuned to the seasons offers a way to heed the body, not to force it, but to lovingly attend to its intimate nature.” Monica Smith

this piece inspired by Dan Pearson