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yoga nature

ancient traditions, including the Indian traditions that gave rise to yoga, understood that there is a principle of life which drives our human and non human lives, to propagate, to grow, and to survive. yoga calls this prāṇa. a Sanskrit word meaning ‘that which goes everywhere’ it has come to mean both breath and the dynamic bio-energy of the universe.

prāṇa is “the vitalistic principle of nature that animates the world and brings the elements to life” sebastian pole.

it brings us to life too – we human beings, who are no more and no less than one species amongst millions, taking our place in the natural world.

prāṇa is our life force, just as much as it creates and composts the fields and forests, leads the tides to rise and fall and drives animal behaviour all over our planet. by it we are woven into the cloth of nature just as surely as the cow parsley that triumphs in our hedgerows.

the yoga we practise, works to encourage the flow of prāṇa in our bodies, harnessing the same dynamism that sends rivers flowing to the sea and leads the nettle from root to stinging splendour in a matter of days. using the familiar practices of the body and breath can recharge our prānic batteries and enhance the flow of energy in our system along with healing herbs, nourishing food and good lifestyle.

finding time to practise yoga will help to renew us – physically, mentally and energetically and will remind us that we are all inherently connected by the same life force.


“only one thought is of absolute importance and that is your connectedness with being.” eckhart tolle