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“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


This week at the Yoga Studio, we will be practising yoga by candlelight in aid of one of the charities helping people who are homeless in the UK – Crisis at Christmas. The theme of the practices is peace. Maybe you are coming along, but even if you are practising at home, I hope you can light a candle and take some time to feel the peace of the present moment.


Maybe you have found peace from moving the body in yoga, from meditation, chanting or relaxation. The great thing is that with so many techniques at our disposal we can all find a way towards peace – at Christmas and all year round.


“There is no standardised means to find our peace, but it is available to each and everyone of us as life itself. No guaranteed methods can be given and we all must find what works for us. If yoga is our means, we can negotiate our peace with its tools. Yoga must be adapted to our needs, and no standardised approach will work. Our careful adaptation of movement guided by the breath develops clarity of mind and intimacy with our own body and life. Intimacy with our life soon develops into intimacy with others. And here is the peace. “

Mark Whitwell