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core of peace

“Deep in the noise there was a core of peace…” John Betjeman


In the October post ‘everyday yoga’, I mentioned the three limbs of kriya yoga. The second of the limbs is svādhyāya. As we explore silence, I am drawn to svādhyāya, a practice which requires a tuning in to our own silence. Through listening to our inner silence we can glimpse our own truth.



Silence is inherent, ubiquitous, inexpressible…. in the pauses of the breath and the poise of the posture, in the garden, the city, the forest, the home.


Be still now… and listen … is there silence with the birdsong? can you hear something spacious in the breeze? is there a quiet stillness in your breath?


Listen to the silence… stay with it for a while…


“Pay more attention to the silence than the sounds. Paying attention to outer silence creates inner silence; the mind becomes still. A portal is opening up.” Eckhart Tolle