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settling into silence

“Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence.”  YS C1 v 2 – translated by Alistair Shearer

In yoga practice we have a variety of tools to help us. Specific application of the breath, moving and holding the body in space and playing with the resonance of sound, for example.  Using the rich sensory and textured imagery of cakra meditation, is another way of  ‘settling the mind into silence’. Meditating on the cakra, gives us a strong link to ‘that which is inside’ and is a delicate and magical device to help us experience the spacious silence of yoga.

This week in group classes our practices will focus on the viśuddhi cakra at the throat, as we explore the simplicity of silence. If you are practising at home perhaps you could incorporate some practice to honour the viśuddhi energy – adopting straightforward communication, creating a space where others and yourself can be heard.  Focus on sound in practice – mantra or simply the sound of your breath.


“If there is not a strong link to that which is inside, the stronger force becomes the outside, and we are pulled by and to that.” TKV Desikachar.



Image from ‘The way out is in.’ Thich Nhat Hanh