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everyday yoga

Pricking out seedlings in the greenhouse is a kind of heaven for me – a chance to connect with life in its most fragile form. As gardeners amongst you will know, it’s a fiddly, time consuming business but I find it completely absorbing, meditative and connective.  It seems to incorporate the three elements of kriya yoga in one activity. kriya yoga is the fundamental practice of the yoga sūtra, showing us all how we can find the support and space of yoga in our lives. There are three strands to the practice.

tapas – the discipline to go against the grain of our habits to support positive change in our lives.

Do my habits support what I find deeply satisfying in my life?

svādhyāya – to become still and listen to something deep within us.

Am I listening to myself as well as to others ?

īśvara praṇidhāna – opening, surrendering and trusting in Life.

Do I practise gratitude and humility?


kriyā yoga is like good gardening – the yogi does all he can to provide ‘the right conditions’ so that a state of clarity can grow…


“No medicine can reduce Duḥkha (suffering), only Kriyā Yoga.” TKV Desikachar