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In my practice recently I have been noticing what happens when I give my weight to the floor softly. The yielding force allows a bounce back of life through the body which crucially facilitates the breath. It is more subtle than rootedness, more collaborative – my energy flowing out and in – supported by earth below and the draw of life force upward.


Imagine a ballet dancer – body alive with strength and softness – there is a spring force -potential – leaping uplift, rebounding from the yielding.


In yoga find soft feet spreading into the ground – allow the body strength to support you – mobile – almost fluid – feel the life in the body. Hold the body softly and strongly.


Finding our earth on an exhalation, with a sense of opening our own energy into our roots, creates a reciprocal lift through the body on the inhalation – with this we create the conditions for lightness as well as strength, a flourishing inhale as well as deep exhale, sukha as well as sthira, head space as well as support.

“To be healthy, one needs the earth and the sky.” Chinese Proverb

There must be something about this time of year that draws me to this quotation. I note that a year ago I posted it in an item on apāna energy!