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painting by numbers

I’m sure that there was never a work of art created through painting by numbers. Was there ever a transformative personal yoga practice taken from a sheet of paper and counted out 1-8 over and over again?

Well yes, I think there was.


It’s a starting point.  The diligent application of an expertly designed practice can strengthen, support and open the body and mind as well as hinting at the quality of experience we can expect from something more improvised, personal and authentic.


I have my practice sheets from Paul dating back to May 1998 which is noted as the 18th practice sheet from him. (Sadly, I don’t think I still have the first 17). The practices are strict, challenging and counted. They include complex breathing practices and are a million miles away from what I now practice every day.


deep foundations
plumbed in


A daily practice is precious. Whether it is written or imagined, logical or abstract – practising yoga transforms.


Body experience… is the centre of creation. Barbara Hepworth